Also know as a Gray Jay or Camp Robber. I’ve read they are easily tamed to eat food from your hand but they mostly just fly away when I go outside.


I can’t believe it has been three months since I moved to the UP to join Paul who moved a bit sooner. I think about all that we had to do to get us here … sell a house, sell a business, downsize tremendously, buy a house, move, unpack. And that doesn’t even include all Paul had to do to get us here and is doing in his new position. It was certainly stressful at times but we handled it like Schuytemas.

We are getting to know the area (and loving every minute of it) and making a few friends along the way. I have volunteered for Chamber of Commerce events, am on a volunteer advisory committee to help revitalize an awesome but woefully underused recreational facility and have even joined a book club. But also, today, exactly three months from the day  I moved here, I am feeling like we are finally settled. We are Michiganders, we are Yoopers, we are home.


The advice we got over and over again from the UP locals was, “Get toys.” With thousands of miles of ORV and snowmobile trails and brutally long winters, embracing the outdoors in a fun way is the key, they say, to not only surviving but enjoying all seasons here. Continue Reading

Old Overgrown

I know there are literally thousands of couples who would trust their partner to make any major decision that affected them both. But would you put home buying on that list? I did and damn, that worked out great! Continue Reading