So Why Old Overgrown?

When we started looking for the next Schuytema homestead here in Iron County, we’d check out the real estate listings online and then swing over to Google Maps to see where the house was.

The problem was that the house that we ended up buying (our “dream cave”, BTW) wouldn’t show up on Google maps, no matter how we tried to put in the address. After Paul checked out the house with a realtor, he was able to go back and find it on Google Maps, and on the map, the house sits on a road called “Old Overgrown.”

Actually, that road doesn’t exist any more (though it was there, decades ago). Currently, the old road is our driveway and the driveway of the neighbor to our south-east, separated by a few long-ago fallen trees near our property line.

So we love the name – and love our little house at the bend of Old Overgrown Road.

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