The Start of a New Career in Liquid

IRON RIVER, MI, April 24, 2018 – Contrast Coffee has hired a General Manager at their flagship shop in Iron River. Susan Schuytema brings decades of experience in customer service and hospitality. She has worked as a journalist and most recently as the owner of a nationally award winning wine shop in west central Illinois.

“When we first came to Iron River for my husband’s interview last spring, (Paul Schuytema, Executive Director of the ICECA), I was so impressed with Contrast Coffee … not just the coffee, which was and is amazing, but the company’s commitment to the community. Although it is a different kind of liquid pleasure than from my wine shop, I immediately felt a strong parallel with my own business and the mission of the coffee shop. I knew when we relocated here that I wanted to be a barista and am thrilled now to be part of the management team.”

Schuytema’s success in creating a neighborhood “hang out” with her Illinois business Market Alley Wines gives her the experience to help Contrast Coffee’s Iron River location become a true destination for locals and visitors alike.

“Contrast Coffee is already a great hang out that is full of smiles and lively conversation,” Schuytema said. “Our job is to deliver incredible coffee, great every time, served with a smile and the sense that you’ve come back to that place you just love – welcoming, homey and part of your family.”

“I’ve always prided myself on excellence,” said Schuytema. “The Contrast owners’ commitment to creating a truly exceptional coffee experience is something that I deeply respect. They’ve worked hard to hone in on the best beans, the perfect roast, the perfect grind to deliver the absolute finest cup of coffee.”


As the vacation season ramps up, Contrast will be increasing their staffing as well as offering events to create even more ways to learn about and experience coffee and that comfortable, cordial Contrast atmosphere.

Royce Wayman will continue to serve in his role as Assistant Manager even as his new business venture edges closer to a reality.

“I love the Contrast experience and the people who come in here. People coming from out of town seek out coffee shops first so I am usually the first face in Iron River they see,” Wayman said. “It’s about building relationships and being a part of something great.”

Wayman will continue at Contrast even after his new business, Wayman Electronic Repair, opens this summer. That business will offer all kinds of electronic repair including computers, devices and video game consoles. Wayman will also run a pawn shop and retail outlet while his partner will manage a gun shop.

“It will be a busy time but I am excited to be a key player in the growth of both businesses,” Wayman said.

“We’ve always had an amazing staff,” said Contrast co-owner Adam Holroyd. “Having Susan as the GM and Royce as assistant manager will help them reach an even higher level of exceptional customer service. It will also give us the freedom to expand and grow Contrast Coffee, knowing that our home base shop is in great hands.”

After opening locations in Marquette in 2017 and Ironwood in 2016, Contrast Coffee is hoping to open additional locations in the Upper Peninsula in the coming months.

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