There’s Weather Out There!

There’s Weather Out There!

For the last four years, we’ve used one of those remote temperature sensors to know what the temp is outside (and if we dipped under 20 below in the UP!). Our second unit gave up the ghost a few weeks ago so we decided to upgrade to a full-on weather station.

We bought a Logia station on Amazon and after some wrestling with batteries and connections, the station came alive. We mounted it with zip-ties on the railing on our rooftop patio.

I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty cool to have all the weather data at our fingertips, especially as we get used to Oregon’s windy, rainy winter. What we didn’t anticipate is how cool it is to hook it up to the Internet via Weather Underground. It stores our data, graphs it and lets us see other weather stations in the area. Total weather-nerdy fun!

On our sidebar you can see the “Damn Weather” widget – click on the graph image and you’ll be taken over to our station on the Internet. Now you can nerd-out with us!

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