Sometimes, a good warm plate of flavorful enchiladas is just what you need on a cool fall or winter day. This recipe is something we concocted, borrowing a little from here and a little from there. It’s not complicated, but it takes some time …  it’s a great project for a lazy Sunday afternoon with the tunes cranking and a pitcher of margaritas in the fridge.

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Larger Blue Flag Iris

Dwarf Crested Iris
Orange Hawkweed
Hairy Hawkweed
Ox-eye Daisy. These flowers are everywhere right now.
Yellow Water Buttercup
Columbine. From the buttercup familly



Wild Lupine: from the pea family. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see acres and acres of these stunning flowers all over roadsides in the UP
Smaller Forget-Me-Not. Similar to the true Forget-Me-Not but smaller. Obvs. the name. These were growing like a weed ground cover in my yard.
Drooping Trillium
Rough Avens
Possibly Bird’s Eye Speedwell
White Baneberry

Bunchberry, aka dwarf cornel. Member of the dogwood family. Has a cluster of red berries in the fall.
Common strawberry.
False Solomon’s Seal
White Adder’s Mouth
Hairy Rockcress
Dyer’s Weed