The Coffee

Making coffee in the morning without actually having drank any coffee is hard, am I right?

This cartoon from The New Yorker sums me up perfectly! We have tried all methods of brewing but always seem to gravitate back to the easy automatic drip coffee maker. It is even easier when I prep the day before so in the morning, I can just grind and go.

Working in the UP at gave me an appreciation for great coffee (you can order their coffee online and trust me, it is some of the best you will ever taste.) And while I appreciate the purity and quality of the slow-brewed pour over, I am much more into instant gratification.

We used to have a Nespresso milk frother and steamer. When it finally died, we didn’t replace it (though I bet we will eventually). Instead, I bought a cheap frothing wand that mostly works though doesn’t warm the milk.

It is sort of the poor man’s latte maker. But it’ll do!

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Blown Away!

Glass blowing studios are plentiful in Oregon. There are at least a dozen in our county alone. But since we watched the television competition series, “Blown Away” on Netflix, it has given us a whole new appreciation for the art and incredible skill of this medium!

It’s a fascinating series, even for someone who doesn’t care for that kind of reality-based, voyeuristic, competition style show (think Top Chef, Chopped, America’s Next Top Model, etc.). “Blown Away” is dramatic but not in the way, say, a Real Housewives episode may be.

The drama comes from the artisans passion for glass-blowing, the creativity, the dance, the athleticism, the act of making something beautiful out of hot, molten liquid. We literally were blown away by this series and highly recommend it!

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A Not So Ugly Dish Drainer

Thanks to the unknown designer who actually made a counter-top dish drainer useful and relatively pleasant to look at!

It certainly is more pleasing on the eyes than the standard Rubbermaid variety. It’s a bit cashy but if I am going to look at it and use it nearly everyday, I think it is worth the extra cost.

I found it here:

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Counter Upscale

It started with the handblown glass salt dip. Combing both form and function with incredible beauty, it added an upscaled practicality to our everyday kitchen essentials.

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