Wildflowers June 24

Dwarf Crested Iris
Orange Hawkweed
Hairy Hawkweed
Ox-eye Daisy. These flowers are everywhere right now.
Yellow Water Buttercup
Columbine. From the buttercup familly
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Wildflowers (and weeds!) June 15
Wild Lupine: from the pea family. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see acres and acres of these stunning flowers all over roadsides in the UP
Smaller Forget-Me-Not. Similar to the true Forget-Me-Not but smaller. Obvs. the name. These were growing like a weed ground cover in my yard.
Drooping Trillium
Rough Avens
Possibly Bird’s Eye Speedwell
White Baneberry
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The beautiful woodland trillium. You should never pick wild ones – it can kill the entire plant.
Starflower: from the primrose family
Marsh marigolds are a common sight along rivers in the UP. These beauties were under water for more than a week and were still blooming after the water receded.
Wood anemone
Yellow violet
Forget-me-nots. These little blue beauties just started blooming.
Toothwort, pepperwort
Clintonia, also known as corn lily.
Flowering spurge


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Trout Lily: The first flowers of 2019
Bloodroot: Poppy family and has medicinal uses.
Carolina Spring Beauty

The official tally of snow cover in Marquette was 165 days this winter. I suspect it was even longer at Old Overgrown. But now that most of the snow has melted (most of it – see photo below), the forest is finally coming to life!

And yet, she persisted. Snow on May 13, 2019 at Old Overgrown


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