Best Olive Oil for Everyday

Best Olive Oil for Everyday

We first bought a bottle of California Olive Ranch Olive Oil at a Sur la Table several years ago. Now it is widely available in nearly every grocery store and is our go-to for everyday olive oils.

We first discovered quality olive oil at a Mario Batali restaurant in Las Vegas. It was just served with some bread as I recall but it was like nothing I had ever tasted before. It was so bright and lemony. Paul tracked down the maker and we ordered several bottles throughout the years. They were spendy, around $35 for a 375 ml bottle. But oh, so good!


an expert involved in the knowledge and tasting of olive oil.

like a sommelier is to wine for example

One of the qualities we enjoy in an everyday olive oil is a citrusy note. The California Olive Ranch 100% California EVOO hits that mark but at a cost that makes it a great everyday oil. We have also bought their Global Blend which is good, but not as bright at the California one.

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