The beautiful woodland trillium. You should never pick wild ones – it can kill the entire plant.
Starflower: from the primrose family
Marsh marigolds are a common sight along rivers in the UP. These beauties were under water for more than a week and were still blooming after the water receded.
Wood anemone
Yellow violet
Forget-me-nots. These little blue beauties just started blooming.
Toothwort, pepperwort
Clintonia, also known as corn lily.
Flowering spurge



Dutchman’s Breeches: member of the bleeding heart family
Appropriately named Sweet White Violet

Trout Lily: The first flowers of 2019
Bloodroot: Poppy family and has medicinal uses.
Carolina Spring Beauty

The official tally of snow cover in Marquette was 165 days this winter. I suspect it was even longer at Old Overgrown. But now that most of the snow has melted (most of it – see photo below), the forest is finally coming to life!

And yet, she persisted. Snow on May 13, 2019 at Old Overgrown



There is just something so comforting and flavorful about a great Chicken Marsala recipe – rich, deep flavors that can be a feast for the eyes as well.

Marsala sauces utilize Marsala wine, which is a sweet fortified wine from Sicily (other fortified wines are Sherry and Port). If you can, use an actual Sicilian Marsala, but if you can’t find one (or don’t use it often enough), you can find Holland House Cooking Marsala in most grocery stores. Continue Reading