Off to a Meeting

Off to a Meeting

I’ve been so fortunate that for my past two economic development gigs, I’ve had the opportunity to serve truly gorgeous regional of our country. In Michigan, my territory was Iron County, in the wester Upper Peninsula. Here, it’s Lincoln County, on the central Pacific coast of Oregon.

Serving such large areas often finds me zipping from one side of the county to another for meetings and such. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey as much as the destination and try to explore and enjoy nature’s splendor as I drive.

In Iron County, I’d often take Pentoga Trail to enjoy a twisty forest road. Here, it’s the Otter Crest Loop which snakes along a cliff face in an old growth forest that looks straight out of Middle Earth.

Last week, I had to drive down to Yachats for a meeting and got there a little early so I pulled into the Smelt Sands state park (there are over 30 state parks in Lincoln County) and walked out to the 804 trail and was able to watch the surf crash over the rocks for a few moments (that’s the picture above). Moments like these really make you pause and smile!

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