Counter Upscale

Counter Upscale

It started with the handblown glass salt dip. Combing both form and function with incredible beauty, it added an upscaled practicality to our everyday kitchen essentials.

Because we are in the kitchen a lot and because we like beautiful things, our counter top is full of art … and food related items. And art holding food items. I love the unique shapes and luster of our glass cruets and containers.

Pro tip: Don’t keep refilling your olive oil cruet without occasionally washing the vessel. Your olive oil can turn rancid much quicker.


The salt dip and olive oil cruet were purchased locally at the now closed DoveTail Arts. The sugar and vinegar bottles were purchased on Etsy. You can find the artists, AJ M├ętissage, on Etsy at

The tray holding the containers also came from DoveTail Arts.

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