The Plant Lady

How many cats does one need to become The Cat Lady? Three, I think. How many plants does one need to become The Plant Lady? A freaking lot of plants. Hello, my name is Plant Lady.

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Classic Fajita Marinade

As you can see by my recipe printed in 2007, this fajita marinade recipe has been used A LOT! It is simple, tasty and our go-to though we often take liberties with the measurements.

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Dulce FAIL

Of course we only post recipes that are successful and we enjoy making and eating, but occasionally one seems like there is so much potential only to prove otherwise. Enter Dulce de Leche.

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FWFTW: Dogologies


verbal acknowledgement of an offense, injury or slight to a pet dog i.e. accidentally stepping on your dogs paw, not giving your dog two treats for a one treat accomplishment, leaving your dog at home when she really, REALLY wants to go for a ride.
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