Grilled Bacon Burgers

Grilled Bacon Burgers

These burgers could possibly be the best grilled burger you’ve ever eaten.

We’re talking about bacon burgers here. That’s right – bacon in your burger. It’s really simple – just a magic ratio of ground chuck (about 80% lean is perfect) to bacon: 80% beef, 20% bacon.

If you have a meat grinder, roughly chop up the bacon and hand mix it with the ground beef, then run it through the grinder at the most course setting. If you don’t have a grinder, no worries. Just dice bacon into 1/4″ squares and mix in more thoroughly with the beef. Then form your patties (don’t forget to dimple them in the center if you are grilling out doors, so they are the shape of a red blood cell), about a third pound each works well.

Grill to the desired doneness, but not on too aggressive of a flame (the bacon fat might start a little fire), serve with your favorite condiments and then prepare yourself for the best bite of grilled burger you have ever had.

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