Fall Colors and Feasting Eagles

There’s a spot I pass on the way to work each morning (maybe two miles east of our house) that often catches the morning mist. Over the past few days, the Fall colors really seemed to pop, so I made plans this morning to leave a little late to work this morning (about 7:25am) so I could hopefully catch a little mist and some of the sunlight peeking over the trees. The result is the picture above, which doesn’t even do it justice.

What I didn’t expect is what I saw a mile down the road (sadly, no picture). Yesterday, some full speed logging truck barreled into a deer and literally vaporized it on Highway 2, throwing chunks all over the roadway. This morning, I was coming on the low spot where the deer bits were – the ground was shrouded in mist and there were five full grown bald eagles feating on the tasty bits. The sun was just glinting off of their white heads and I could see their breath (it was about 37 degrees out this morning) against the asphalt. Simply amazing.

As I approached, they took to flight and a pair of them flew in the direction of my car, just a few feet off the ground on either side of me – it was like some sort of incredible escort!

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