Gray is the New … Green?

Have you heard about this? It refers to the employment of older workers (and volunteers). It’s a trend that has a powerful impact on the economy, workforce and small businesses.

Many companies and businesses are not only embracing this, but really seeking out experienced workers. There’s quite a bit of seasoned talent out there that may deliver significant benefit to employers who understand and appreciate the value of older talent. We  have diverse skills, education, experience and are usually flexible with our schedules.

According to, there are numerous benefits an older employee may provide:

  • They are a steady and reliable source of skilled labor.
  • They may offer decades of relevant experience and, if they enjoy health coverage, may offer the experience you require for less money than a younger candidate requiring full benefits.
  • They may offer your younger employees valuable mentoring for free.
  • They’re probably more comfortable than younger candidates with flexible hours.
  • They are not aggressively seeking to advance their career; they may be perfectly comfortable in the role they land for years longer than younger staff. You probably won’t have to worry about them playing political games that can spoil any office environment.
  • As such, they are not job-hoppers – and turnover can be very expensive for any company.
  • They’re experienced at problem solving.
  • More-seasoned talent may be more engaged – they possess a desire to be involved, and are focused on tasks.
  • They’re likely to be surprisingly technological savvy. Boomers are comfortable using computers. Where there are skill gaps, they can and are eager to learn.
  • An older candidate will be appreciative for an offer of employment. Consider that loyalty is a very valuable and rare commodity today.
  • Many veterans are in this age group, and hiring those who have served in the military may contribute to your company’s ethos and brand.
  • An age-diverse workforce makes sense since older employees represent a large segment of the buying public. They may know that market better than the rest of your team.
  • They already know what they’re good at.

Stay tuned for one gray-haired employment news!

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