My grandma used to say she was on a seefood diet … she’d see the food, then she would eat it!

When my mom visited recently after receiving her COVID shots and feeling comfortable enough to travel, we made it a mission to not only feed her well, but take her to the very best restaurants Lincoln County has to offer! Lincoln County did not disappoint!

Paul and I have said many times that the worst crab cake we have eaten in Oregon was 100 times better than the best crab cake we have ever eaten anywhere. And that is true.

Here is a list of the restaurants we dined at when Mom was here:

We did not even hit a couple of our favorites:

Nor did we make it to a couple places we have been wanting to go:

In our culinary seefood/seafood adventures, we generally shared an appetizer or two and each selected different entrees so we had the opportunity to taste a variety of fish. It was an amazing culinary experience!

Just to give you an idea about all the fish we ate, here is a rough summary: fried oysters, bay shrimp, crab soup, crab cakes, fresh dungeness crab, halibut, ling cod, rock fish, tuna, salmon, prawns, and rockfish … many of those more than once and in different preparations.

Mom loved the fried oysters at Local Ocean and wanted to return there on her final night in Newport. The halibut over fried polenta from The Bay House was one of my highlights and Paul really dug the tuna poke bowl from Clearwater. There were a couple disappointments in the whole experience but overall, we were all quite impressed (and quite full for days!)

After living for such a long time in culinary deserts, we all truly loved and appreciated such great seafood. We will never, ever take it for granted!

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