Back in June I trekked to Eagle River, Wisconsin for a beer festival (thanks to Wayne Maki for letting me know about the event). The tickets were steep ($35 – yipes), but you got a 4 ounce glass, a beer scorecard and the chance to sample literally dozens of local brews. Continue Reading


Am I a hypocrite or just a horrible person that I always tell Stella what a pretty girl she is rather than telling her she is strong, smart and can achieve anything? But actually, she isn’t that smart and she’s not even that pretty – let’s be real.


Is a pot of venison! One of the many great things about the Upper Peninsula is all the beautiful national forests. One downside is that often leaves little sky room for viewing cool sky things. I won’t tell you how fast Paul drove to get us to this open area during a sunny storm but we were delighted to find a horde of photo bombers waiting!